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ActionWise is software that applies the FLISR (Fault Location Isolation and Service Restoration) function to electricity distribution networks. Developed by Sinapsis in partnership with Spin, our solution can be implemented in two different ways: integrated with the utility’s SCADA system or communicating directly with field equipment. In addition, it is possible to integrate the system with the utility’s georeferenced database (GIS – Geographic Information System).

The benefits show why this is the best solution on the market for automation of electricity distribution networks!

Benefícios do Distribuição de energia Action wise

Understand how
ActionWise works!

ActionWise automatically performs the steps of locating and isolating a permanent fault, as well as restoring power to certain sections of the network. Our solution allows a significant reduction in the continuity indicators (DEC and FEC) of the circuits, since tasks that could take hours to be solved, can now be solved in a few minutes.

The features that make ActionWise the best solution for your company!

Automatic load transfer

Verification of the nominal capacities of the equipment

No language or routine for implementation

Complete history of devices in operation

Simulation module for studies and tests

Accessible from any mobile device

Automatic change of equipment protection parameters

Active alarms in the equipment are optionally considered for carrying out the maneuvers

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