Find out the ideal investment and the right time to expand the power distribution system


Get to know ARIES!

ARIES is a system for Regulatory Evaluation of Investments in Expansion of the System (Avaliação Regulatória de Investimentos na Expansão do Sistema), a solution to evaluate the profitability of investments for improving the electricity distribution service.

Beyond increasing the return on investment, learn about other benefits of ARIES system

Sistema ARIES Serviço de distribuição de energia

Understand how ARIES works!

According to current methodologies, defined in Aneel’s Tariff Regulation Procedures (PRORET), the ARIES system evaluates the proposed improvements in the electricity distribution system, even comparing the revenues from regulatory remuneration. Thus, it allows the elaboration of economic analysis of the proposed investment alternatives with greater adherence to reality, enabling the definition of investment strategies that guarantee profitability, in addition to meeting the technical and regulatory criteria.

Find out the main features of the ARIES system

Centralized database that saves the history of performed works

Works report exported in XLS, XLSX, CSV, XML and PDF format

Web software that can be accessed from any device

Unlimited users with personalized permissions

Automatic and simultaneous update with the rules of the regulatory agency

Exported results in PDD-Aneel model

Joint valuation of technical and regulatory gains

Is the profitability of your investment important to your company?

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