Carga Base

A user-friendly platform to make measurement data processing uncomplicated


Get to know Carga Base

Carga Base is a platform developed to determine the best demand curve for energy feeders based on energy measurement. This verification is essential for the studies of planning the electric network and the accuracy of losses calculation. In addition, the used data must be reliable, since it is important that the energy characteristics and the demand of the represented network are as close as possible to reality.

The benefits of the platform


Understand how Carga Base works!

First, Carga Base imports the measurements of a specific substation or energy feeder, and then performs the statistical treatment of the energy measurement data. After the corrections, filters are applied, such as: choosing which years, months and days of the week the user wants to consider in the analysis and which magnitude unit the user wants to evaluate. The next step is clustering the data, that is, the platform performs an analysis of proximity between measurements, providing important inputs for studies of seasonality and demand behavior of a given feeder. At the end, the demand curves are exported to SINAPgrid or to the customer’s preferred planning software, so that demand adjustments can be made.

The features that make Carga Base the best solution for your company!

Customizable graphics layout

Iterative or Automatic assembly of curves

Access from any computer via executable program

No limit on employee registration

Possibility of batch processing on servers

Do you want to know more about our platform?

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