Identify areas where energy is stolen and increase the assertiveness of inspections


Get to know PCom!

PCom is a tool to estimate commercial losses. With it, the companies are able to identify the areas where there is a greater concentration of non-technical losses, in addition to directing combat actions and, consequently, increasing the effectiveness of the process and reducing waste of revenue from energy theft.

Find out what are the benefits of the PCom module


Understand how PCom works!

PCom estimates commercial losses distributed throughout the network, through sectorized energy balances. For doing this, it performs electrical calculations using the georeferenced network and measurement data from the electrical network, which can be imported from the bases of the distributor’s systems, such as BDGD (Geographic Database of the Distributor). In addition, the module is integrated with the Tecsys measurement sensor, a device with high mobility, that performs current and power factor measurements, which can be imported directly into PCom.

Features that make PCom indispensable for managing the electricity grid!

Integration with SINAPgrid or BDGD (Geographic Database of the Distributor) for importing measurement data

Automation of the energy balance process

Georeferenced view of the network

Quantification of technical and non-technical losses

Partnership with the Tecsys measurement sensor for capturing measurement data on the spot

Product developed within the scope of the R&D program, regulated by Aneel.

Do you want to reduce commercial losses and increase the assertiveness of energy inspection?

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