Regulate the voltage level and eliminate the penalties of the regulatory agency


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The RTBT consists of three solutions: a portable Voltage Regulator for Low Voltage, the RTBT; a technical analysis software for Voltage Level Complaints, sinapRNT; and a Regulator Monitoring and Management System, SMR.

Energy utilities must maintain their voltage indicators at appropriate levels, as regulated by PRODIST. If these indicators are violated, they are subject to penalties by Aneel and to the payment of compensation to consumers. In addition, the problem must be corrected in a very short time. Thus, the use of a portable voltage regulator, with easy installation and fast effectiveness (only a few hours), is a great solution.

Find out why RTBT is the ideal solution for maintaining quality in the power distribution service!


Understand how
RTBT works!

The RTBT is a portable equipment, easy to install, which immediately regulates the voltage level, while the corrective work is not completed, which may take longer than the maximum period granted by the regulatory body. The voltage regulator can be easily moved to another problem location.

SinapRNT, software modeled on the SINAPgrid platform, simulates and analyzes alternatives proposed by the user regarding the new voltage levels and the estimated compensation to the consumer, including the installation of RTBT.

SMR allows the distributor to view the location of the installed equipment and monitor the voltage levels and the operating status of the regulators in real time, by sending measurement and alarm data. It is also possible to track the RTBT installation history.

Find out the main features of RTBT

Three models available: single-phase, two-phase and three-phase

Portable equipment, easy to install and to transport to different locations

At sinapRNT, there is the option of exporting reports in .pdf or .csv

In SMR, it is possible to monitor the functioning of the regulators in real time

sinapRNT analysis module can be sold separately

Product developed within the scope of the R&D Program, regulated by Aneel.

Do you want to eliminate the voltage fluctuation penalties?

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