Calculating electrical losses has never been faster!


Get to know SIGPerdas!

SIGPerdas is software that, based on the BDGD shapefile files (Geographical Database of the Utility), calculates the technical regulatory losses of the energy distribution system, in an assertive and agile way, presenting a process time shorter than the official software from the Brazillian regulatory agency (ANEEL).

In addition to agility, learn about the other benefits of SIGPerdas


Understand how
SIGPerdas works!

After the database is imported, the software validates the information, corrects and edits whatever is necessary, to subsequently calculate the technical regulatory losses. With the results, it is possible to issue reports and make changes to the database.

The features that make SIGPerdas the best solution for your company!

Automatic correction of inadequate phasing and isolated sections

Configurable parallel processing, according to the capacity of the machine that will run the program

Possibility of scenarization and easy visualization of results

Error corrector, which repairs inconsistencies in the database

Remote access, without the need for internet

Two preconfigured calculation options: regulatory and real

Locking bases so that two users do not perform a task at the same time

Possibility to register multiple users with different permissions

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