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SINAPgrid is a platform for studies of electrical networks, which allows analysis and simulations through electrical calculations. The platform can be integrated with the companies’ corporate systems, creating a digital twin of the electric grid from which users can assess the impacts of increased demand or the inclusion of a generator, among other activities. The program has advanced features that allow its use both in the planning area, as well as in the operation of electricity distribution and transmission systems.

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SINAPgrid models and analyzes electricity distribution networks, for measurement, monitoring, control, automation and generation points, at any voltage level.

Find out the main features of SINAPgrid

Calculation of losses

Automated registration fixes

Calculation of short circuits, in addition to demonstrating the impact of the fault on the power grid

Planning studies, with the possibility of comparing the alternatives and economically analyzing each one of them

Demand adjustment, a tool that makes it possible to adapt the power grid to reality

Technical diagnosis, also including predictability for the coming years

Issuance of customizable reports

Georeferenced diagram

Complete integration with legacy systems

Automated processes - several processes can be performed in an automated way, according to the user's configuration

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