Sinapsis Energy Innovation was created in 2008, when a team of engineers, graduates from the Polytechnic School of the University of Sao Paulo, came together and combined geniality, creativity and technology, to give life to projects in the energy market and adjacent sectors.

The academic research environment has had a strong influence for the development of Research and Development Projects for partners all over Brazil.

Along the years, products and services were incorporated into Sinapsis’ portfolio, always with the aim to meet regulatory requirements and the needs and profitability of each business. Besides, it is also part of the company’s purpose to contribute with the generation of value between companies and society.

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Sinapsis has national and international partnerships with consolidated companies in the engineering, energy and technology market, which expand the development of projects for different sectors, as well as our reach.

Academic influence has also helped us to build partnerships with educational and research institutions.

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In order to contribute to the making of knowledge in the academic environment, in addition to encouraging and contributing to future professionals, Sinapsis makes the SINAPgrid software available to educational institutions completely free of charge. Any brazilian university, public or private, can participate in our Sinapsis Educational Program, having access to one of the most modern electrical network simulation systems for use in classrooms or laboratories.


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